The firm has a Real Estate and Infrastructure Practice group that has substantial real estate capabilities and comprises of dedicated team of lawyers including Senior Partners, Partners, Senior Associates and Associates functioning out of all the offices mentioned above. The Real Estate and Infrastructure Practice group caters to and addresses emerging real estate issues and concerns. Our practice covers advising both domestic and international clients according to their business needs.
Apart from catering to client needs on the traditional sale and purchase transactions, the firm has multi faceted areas of practice but not limiting to apart from mainly focusing on the following:

Entry Level Strategy Planning

Entry Level Legal Approach and Legal Structuring of Foreign Direct Investment for Individual Foreign Investors, Foreign Companies, Wholly owned Subsidiaries, Foreign Institutional Investors and Non-Resident Indians.

Location Analysis, Site and Title Search

Legal Assistance for finalizing most favourable / preferred location and other allied searches including vetting of documents and verification of title.

Due Diligence

Carrying out thorough and exhaustive client specific and also client specified (in particular instances) Due Diligence and similar like exercises before advising clients.

Legal Risk Matrix and Appraisals

Working and mapping of Legal Risk Matrix and Appraisals through experts for Real Estate Transactions, Urban Development Initiatives and Infrastructure Projects.

Finance and Re-financing and Insurance

Legal Assistance for arranging Project Finance and also for arranging Re-Finance on existing project finance models and Project Insurance.

Infrastructure Contract Bidding Management

Legal Assistance to meet up with legal compliance for Infrastructure Contract Bidding.


Legal Assistance for Auctioning, Bidding and contesting for deals.

Represent the Client and Liaison with Government Departments and Officials

Handling and Liaison for securing various clearances with various Government Entities (and guiding the client through Red-Tapes).

Space Acquisition/Disposition and Renegotiations

Acquiring space on behalf / for the client acting as Attorneys-at-Law, similarly Disposing and Negotiating and if necessary Re-Negotiating for deals.


Assisting with Legal Compliance for Tender Process and Procuring / Inviting Tenders as well as contesting for Tenders on behalf of the client.

Benchmarking of Real Estate Transactions

Benchmarking Legal Stages in Real Estate Transactions from Greenfield Stage to Closing-Off Stage.

Tax Structuring and Planning

Legal Assistance in structuring Taxation Strategy for Real Estate Projects (Income-Tax, Service-Tax, VAT, etc.) and Tax Planning for the same.

Transactional Compliance

Legal Assistance in Mandatory Procedural Compliance for various transactions.

Public-Private Partnerships

Legal Structuring and Assistance in Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Projects.

Green Field and Brown Field Projects

Legal Counselling for Green Field and Brown Field Projects and related Environment Issues.

Joint Ventures and Joint Developments

Legal Structuring and Counselling for Domestic as well as Cross-Border Joint Ventures and Joint Development Agreements.

Lease Administration

Lease and Lease related Legal Assistance and Administration.

Project Construction and Development

Legal Assistance in relation to Construction and Development of projects and related contracts.

Facility/Built-to-Suit Campus Development

Legal Assistance in relation to bringing up and developing Facility/Built-to-Suit Campus.

Pre/Post Purchase/Sale Compliance and Documentation

Complete legal procedural advice for regular Pre/Post Purchase/Sale and all relevant documentation including, Issuance of Letter-of-Intent, Public Notice, Agreement-to-Sale, Sale Deed etc.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation including Landlord/Tenant Proceedings

FM Litigation Practice Group handles, represents and advises client concerns in Litigation on case-to-case basis vis-à-vis Landlord/Tenant, Buyer/Seller, Lessor/Lessee matters and also Dispute Resolution Procedures for the same.

Brokerage, Project Management, Project Consultant, Architectural and Interiors, etc. Service Provision and Construction Contractor Legal Management

Complete Legal Advice in matters for appointment of Broker, Project Manager, Architect, Interior Decorator, Certified Surveyor, Certified Valuer, Civil Contractor and other Contractors and Sub-Contractors for the entire/part transaction/deal/project.

Legal Documentation and Closing-Off documents for all the above mentioned transactions and/or combination of transactions

Being a Solicitors Firm, FM is fully experienced and in capacity with a special Practice Group to take care of the documentation required for the various transactions, combination of transactions as may be required on case to case basis.

Upcoming Trends in Real Estate Transactions

FM is continuously in touch with other real estate majors and is currently engaged and in position to render advice on emerging areas like Venture Capital Funds, Real Estate Mutual Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Non-Performing Real Assets, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Securities, Mortgage and Debt Instruments, CMBS and other like upcoming trends in Real Estate Transactions in India.