Our Experience in Real Estate & Property

Apart from the above, the firm has advised the following clients for due diligence on the title of property situated in Chennai; attending before and liaisoning with different authorities, representing clients, advising on all legal angles of the property and the proposed deal, drafting, finalizing and registering Lease Deed and ancillary agreements.
The firm has also assisted the following clients in acquisition of land advised on marketable title after conducting property searches, drafting of Agreements, Sale Deeds, negotiating with authorities, and registration of such agreements, also rendered legal assistance for acquiring leased premises including conduct of property search, advice on marketable title, drafting and registration of Lease Documents.
Further, the firm has assisted the following clients in their lease transaction in respect of their projects, office space, advised on marketable title of its leased premises, drafted Lease Documents and assisted in the registration of documents.