The counsels at our Firm have extensive experience in the Power Sector (both in the public and the private sector) and have advised clients from the bidding stage through to the execution of the project. The Power Project team at the FM works in close co- ordination with the client’s team to anticipate and to meet the challenges the clients may face, taking an approach that focuses on each client’s business objectives.
The Firm’s services range from assisting on specific projects, such as acquisitions, restructurings, tax planning, contract structuring, due diligence, drafting of agreements, negotiation, overall risk analysis of projects, public offerings, project finance transactions, regulatory filings, to advising clients on a daily basis on compliance with the applicable laws. The counsels here have been advising various stakeholders (government, owners, developers, concessionaries, investors, lenders, contractors, sub contractors) in the Power Sector.
We have a dedicated core team of experts selected for providing the requisite services with the right mix of expertise and experience which ensure that our services are of the highest quality. Besides dedication to work, counsels at FM endorse high quality of work, and provide prompt and integrated service to the clients based on their needs and requirements. Our Counsels not only advise on the substantive law relating to power projects but also on the procedural aspects for successful implementation.