Our main areas of focus:

We advise on contentious and non contentious maritime matters including related insurance matters for ship-owners, charters, hull insurers, P&I Clubs, Cargo owners and underwriters, composite insurers, traders, freight forwarders, shipyards and port authorities.
The contentious work embraces litigation, arbitration and mediation including claims and disputes involving/relating to bills of lading, charter parties, salvage, death and personal injury, oil pollution, cargo damage and loss as well as the arrest and release of vessels.

The non contentious areas of work include advice on matters such as the sale and purchase of ships, ship financing, registration and related insurance contracts.

Our lawyers specializing in maritime law are up to date with different conventions, laws and regulations which apply to different areas of shipping work. Partners keep abreast of developments in the law and are familiar with the numerous statutory provisions and the different conventions relating to the different forms of transport and to different aspects of maritime law, for eg. oil pollution, limitation, recovery etc.
FM is experienced with a wide range of contractual documentation relating to the carriage of goods, the charter of vessels, banking, insurance, the rules of procedure that apply to admiralty claims. We use our skills to apply the principles of contract law, tort and conflict of laws to a multitude of daily problems. FM deals with ship-owners and crews, cargo owners, charterers, insurers, protection & indemnity, clubs & cargo underwriters, and people in related areas, port authorities, technical consultants such as naval architects and surveyors. Awareness of the technical or practical aspects of shipping is tremendous for the experts at this law firm.
Legal advice rendered at FM provides a comprehensive collection of international conventions, statutes and statutory instruments, arbitration rules and the most commonly encountered bills of lading, charterparties, insurance clauses, guarantees and other contracts.

In addition to the aforementioned, the following areas are also covered: