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Our Employment-Labour Laws practice covers broadly the following:

1. H.R Manual and Staff Handbook

Drafting and documentation of conditions of service, social benefits, rules and regulations, code of ethics, disciplinary and grievance matters, leaves, benefits and various other policies.

2. Due Diligence/ Compliance study of Labour Laws

Inspection of records, highlighting discrepancies and advising remedial measures. Conducting on the spot physical inspection of factories and establishments.

3. Employees Code of Conduct

Drafting a manual/code of fair ethics and good conduct applicable to employees at workplace and outside workplace for strengthening the image/brand of the company and minimizing the risk of violation of the applicable laws and regulations.

4. Social Security and Insurance Benefits

Advising on Social Security Laws and compliance requirements. As well as soliciting on the support staff various social security issues. Providing assistance to the management for complying with the health and safety issues.

5. Severance and Retrenchment Laws

Advising the management on various policies regarding the Indian retrenchment laws and their compliance thereof, wrongful dismissal, handling redundancy claims.

6. Social Benefits

Advising on social beneficial laws of Maternity Benefit Act for ensuring compliance of the provisions of leave, maternity benefit and certain other benefits to the women employees and to ensure compliance of the same as well as advising and drafting of anti harassment policies. Also advising Payment of Bonus to the employees in certain companies on the basis of profits or production, as well as advising on the maintenance of records and register, Payment of Gratuity Act, Employees State Insurance, Provident Fund and to ensure compliance of the provisions envisaged in the relevant Acts applicable.

7. Contracts

Advising and drafting business transfer agreements wherein employees are transferred to another company, drafting of Employment Contracts, Retainership Agreement, Termination Letter, Probation Clauses, Non Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreement, Secondment Agreement etc.

8. Contract Labour and Regulations

Advising on registration of establishments, maintenance of registers and other records, hiring of contract labour and licensing of contractors and ensuring the compliance of the provisions laid down in the relevant law. Further advising the management on the compliance of the provisions relating to welfare, health, safety and conditions of service of contract labour. Assisting the management in licensing and regulation of the sector.

9. Trade Union Laws and related activities

Advising the management on the issues related to handling and negotiating with trade unions, the laws applicable and their compliance thereof.   

10. Workplace accident and fatal accident compensation Law

Advising the management on employer’s liability (civil and criminal) for compensation payable to an employee involved in an accident fatal or otherwise. Also advising the management on the compliance of the provision as envisaged in the relevant laws applicable.

11. Factories’ Law

Advising the management on registration and licensing of factories, health and safety safeguards to be maintained, and welfare and other such conditions of service and ensuring compliance of the provisions of the relevant Laws.

12. Environmental Laws

Advising the client on National and International treaties and legislations. Pollution Control in any environmental medium, construction related environmental issues, environment implications on the acquisitions and/ or sale of business and regulatory compliances. Counseling the client on issues in relation to eco-auditing and eco-assessment. Assisting in obtaining environmental clearances for infrastructure projects as well as environmental audits.

An indicative list of our clients in this sector is as follows:

1. Kuwait Airways
2. Malaysian Airlines
3. French Embassy
4. Smart Chip Ltd.
5. Quark City
6. Invensys India
7. Samsung India
8. Tata Motors
9. Welco Overseas
10. I-Gate
11. Bank of Tokyo & Mitsubishi
12. Dianappon Ink and Chemicals
13. Kaplan Inc
14. Indian Oil Corporation
15. Financial Times, London
16. Max New York Life
17. ABB Ltd.
18. World Bank
19. Danoe Asia
20. Advanta B.V
21. Polar Industries
22. Noble Brothers
23. Tyco Engineering
24. Tyco Thermal
25. Synthes Medical
26. Brambo S.P.A
27. IT & T
28. Gas Authority of India Limited
29. Delloitte & Touche, U.S.A
30. Panalpina World Transport
31. Trellborg Ceiling Solution- Asia Pacific
32. Tyco Healthcare
33. Tyco International
34. Mobera Systems
35. Research in Motion ( RIM)
36. Planman
37. Fortune Brands, Inc
38. Electronic Act
39. Jabil


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