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Fox Mandal, endeavors to positively contribute to the development of society by acting as a good neighbour, considerate of each other, playing a role of good corporate citizen with passion and compassion. To complement our corporate social responsibility, we have an Art Gallery in the same premises as our corporate office.

FM art gallery primarily looks at providing a platform to those artists who cannot afford an art gallery to portray their talent and expertise. NGOs, orphanages and social service organisations send in works of their artists and painters such as those associated with Ms. Nafisa Ali, Noida orphanage etc. Also the works of a few upcoming artists from Delhi, Mumbai as well as Yemen are displayed.

We have had many eminent personalities commend our efforts so far. Celebrities of stature like Ms.  Nandita Das, Madhur Bhandarkar and Ms. Nafisa Ali has felicitated our Art Gallery. A preview of paintings by artists like Sanjeev Verma, Jaspal Singh, Anandita Singh, Mazhar and Ashim, Ranjan Chakravorti, including artists from Aligarh Muslim University, has been showcased. These are fine works carefully culled from different parts of the country.

This gallery came into existence with the objective of fulfilling the social responsibility of the company by supporting and encouraging the unfortunate sections of the society. The venture strives to bring forth artistic talent, hidden due to lack of exposure and opportunity, besides offering year round enjoyment to art lovers. It aims at leveraging our initiative to create awareness about certain causes and mobilizing the masses to be involved in such activities.

In the words of Mr. Som Mandal, Managing Partner, Fox Mandal,

“I have initiated it in India as my corporate social responsibility. I would take potential art works from NGO’s, orphanages, and individuals who have difficulty in getting an art gallery. The artists will not have to pay anything or any percentage to the FM art gallery. They can keep the price they think proper. When a person buys their work, all proceeds go to the artist/ NGO/ orphanage. Furthermore, I have a panel of some distinguished artists to help me choose good works of art

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